Better handled out than in!

Good bookkeeping is an essential element of any properly run business.

But why get tied up doing it yourself? Or going to the expense of employing a bookkeeper with all the associated costs? Far better to farm out the donkey work – so you can spend time on more profitable activities.

SMEs across the Island have found that outsourcing their bookkeeping to Ormco Accounts has been like a breath of fresh air. Here’s what it could mean for your business:

  • Bring an end to spreadsheets and inputting data
  • Allow you to focus on sales and generating new leads
  • Keep the focus on customer service rather than internal admin
  • Save you time and money with all the costs associated with in-house staff
  • Free up your weekends for the family and a precious break from work
  • Guarantee a superior level of service at a fair fixed price

Here’s how it works

  • Once a month, pass the info to us and we’ll take care of everything
  • Either post or electronically send us all the relevant documentation
  • We’ll enter all the transactions onto our system for you
  • All for a low fixed monthly fee plus free on-going advice and support
  • View your completed accounts and reports online on XERO
  • You stay in touch with your business finances 24/7 – wherever you are

We include XERO with most of our great value packages – worth £20 plus VAT per month!

The easy, cost effective way to ensure your bookkeeping is professionally handled – with the minimum of fuss.

Forget about hiring a full-time bookkeeper. Get in touch with OrmCo Accounts today and we’ll handle it all in a fraction of the time.