Tax and VAT

We’ll ensure you pay as little tax as possible

Whether you are a limited company or a sole trader, tax is all part of the equation. At Ormco Accounts, we’ll keep everything straightforward for you. Taking care of your tax, while you take care of your business!

We’ll make sure your tax liabilities are kept to an absolute minimum and they are paid on time, avoiding any late charges.

Our services include:

  • Dealing with all business tax matters
  • Handling tax computations, preparing and submitting your online tax returns
  • Removing any admin burdens so that you comply with tax legislation
  • Looking after all correspondence with the tax authorities
  • Helping you with tax efficient planning in the short, medium and long term
  • Acting as your tax agent, if you wish

It’s important to keep the tax man happy. Complying with deadlines, reporting obligations and any resulting investigations with the tax authorities, is a must. Failure to do so could result in penalties for non-compliance. But don’t panic – we’ll come into our own on your behalf.

So that you are compliant, pay less tax and save money!

For Company Income Tax

Take advantage of one of our value-for-money packages. One simple monthly fee covers all year-end activities – for complete peace of mind.

For Personal Tax Returns

Never worry about tax deadlines again. For a small monthly fee, leave it to us to ensure your personal tax return is submitted on time. Saving you the hassle of remembering to beat the deadline yourself!


Avoid any last minute panics, or missed VAT return filing dates by signing up for one of our all-inclusive packages.

VAT can be a complex area and returns come round on either a monthly or quarterly basis. If you get in a mess with it, the consequences can be serious. Missed deadlines can prove costly in fines. Why run the risk? For just a few pounds per month, we can take care of all your VAT obligations.

Have you registered for VAT when you’ve reached the registration threshold?

Do you know what the threshold is?

OrmCo can help you by completing the appropriate forms on your behalf.
If you are VAT registered, we can:

  • Ensure you comply with legislation and help you submit your monthly or quarterly VAT returns
  • Advise you on the best scheme for your business with regular reviews
  • Act as your agent when dealing with the authorities

If you aren’t yet VAT registered, it might be beneficial to apply for registration before you reach the legal threshold. We can advise if this might be a sensible option for your company.

If you are unclear about any Tax or VAT issues, OrmCo will steer you on the right course.

Ultimately, we’re here to help protect your cashflow and save you money!

For a no-obligation chat, why not give us a call. Get in touch with OrmCo Accounts today.